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After even a few hours at Mountainview, you're refreshed, awake and ready to barbecue on the deck, swim a few laps or join your buddies or spouse for a game of shuffle board. Reconnecting is so easy when you can play together in serenity and privacy.

Mountain view Recipe for a Great Getaway


There's nothing quite like the fresh, clean mountain air at Mountain View as you drink in the beauty of the majestic mountains, the big open sky and the towering fir and cedar trees. Just take a few deep breaths and your heart beat slows, your breathing finds a new rhythm as your body says aaaaahhhhh.


The breath taking mountain and pasture views are guaranteed to stimulate your senses and energize your body. You'll awaken to sights and sounds so often missed in the hustle and bustle of daily living. Soon you'll be feeling up to making those really big decisions: soak in the hot tub, then lounge in the hammock or go fishing or golfing for the day. We're confident you'll do the right thing.


So much to do. Or not do. At Mountain View.

Hike through the acres and acres of lush green forest and marvel at the trees as wide as four feet in diameter and as old as a hundred years. Relish the soothing sounds of the creek as you read and relax. Play badminton or enjoy a wiener roast at the fire pit. And on those lazy evenings, watch ten thousand stars against a black night sky or curl up by the fire place and laugh through a good movie.

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